This is the full version of Button Maker.  Cut down on coding time by using this handy app. Design the button to meet your needs then copy and paste the CSS into your style sheet. It's quick and easy.

This is the best thumbnail manager/creator that I have seen to date.

Contains 30 hi-quality .ico avatars


 Package Contains 40 Hi Quality Emojis


This package contains 80 hi-quality icons with a preview file.

This is the HTML5 Cheat Sheet in .pdf format.

Contains 30 Smiley GIF Avatars


This pack contains 16 high quality social media coffee mug icons.

They are by omercetin at Deviant Art



This package contains 81 hi-quality icons.


This package contains 28 hi-quality icons.


Contains 17 hi-quality Vintage Bags


Contains over 300 hi-quality icons

Contains the source files from the CKEditor Integration tutorial.

See Tutorial

These files support Remake Theming System for Raven Nuke CMS

This is the last update of the Remake Theming System for RavenNuke.

At this time I am not supporting RavenNuke.  But maybe someone will want to continue what I started.  And that is to make RavenNuke responsive to mobile devices.

Spectra Gallery comes with an auto-installer, admin dashboard, user dashboard, themes, and lots more. I wrote it in PHP8, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 with CKEditor and elFinder integrated. This is my fork of UberGallery but I added a ton of new features to the package. It displays a gallery that is fully fluid/responsive on media devices.  You have the ability to build an unlimited amount of galleries and each is fully configurable. Support

See it in action