Progression of the Build

As the Build Continues

Spectra is a new Content Management System (CMS) that is a work in progress. It is not a fork but a brand new platform that you can use to create a very customizable blog or any other style website.   It is fully HTML5, PHP8, and CSS3 compliant with W3C worldwide standards and is also UTF8  (8-bit Unicode Transformation Format) compliant.

Its main purpose will be to allow you to build a website from scratch and add the content you think fits your overall purpose. Spectra is highly configurable and will come packaged with the following:

- Change the overall look and feel of the site in the Spectra dashboard's powerful theme editor/builder.

- Activate, style, and add images and text to the content slider.

- Populate the menu automatically or create links as you need them using the menu builder.

- Choose the site's overall width.

- Choose how many columns (1, 2, or 3) you want to show on a page and which ones. You can choose to turn on/off any content you have created.

- Either choose from pre-styled themes or create your own using the flexible theme creator utility.

- Create new pages on the fly as needed.

- Design the content for the center articles space.  Add as many articles as you want and also choose how many you want to display on the index page.

- Let your visitors browse through all of your past articles using the powerful Pagination feature.

- Add categories to pages.

- Let visitors have ready access to categories using the links in the Categories sidebar block.

- Add to the left/right sidebar content blocks as needed.

- Choose whether you want the slider and left/right sidebar to show in pages.

- Create sidebar content on pages that is separate from the content on the index page sidebars.

- It comes packaged with highly customizable image galleries.

- Will allow users to create and add their own plugins.

- Spectra comes with a feature-rich dashboard.


Alpha versus Beta testing phases:

On March 29, 2021, the alpha testing of Spectra CMS ended.  I have plans to complete the last of the recorded improvements that were addressed during the alpha testing phase over the next 2 months.  Once that is done I will start a Closed Beta phase. Language support has not been completed yet and that will need to come before the first Release Candidate (RC1) later this year.  Once the Closed Beta phase is over I will place CMS Spectra into controlled Open Beta testing. That will be offered over at


Planned Beta release date:

My plan as of 2-21-2022 is to release the first Beta version of CMS Spectra to the public in the middle of March 2022. That will have had 1 full year of Beta testing and updates.

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