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(01-02-2021) Theme Import/Export Tool -  This tool will let users export themes that they have designed and want to share with other users.  It will also import other users' themes.

(01-16-2021) Languages - I started the language install today.  I think this is going to take a long time to finish.  So far I am working on English and Spanish.

(01-17-2021) Install Process - I tested the installer today and everything went really well.  There were a couple of minor glitches but nothing serious.

(01-19-2021) Install Process -  I spent today going through the install.  I had to change a couple of things but overall everything went fine.  I spent a lot of time designing the install and am glad everything went as planned.

(01-24-2021) PHP 8 - I finished doing the edits to get Spectra compliant with PHP 8 today.  It is uploaded here and running on PHP 8.

(01-24-2021) Alpha Testing - I have alpha testers telling me that I should post a beta version for download.  But I think it is too early so I am going to ignore those calls.  Hopefully, by the year's end (2021) I can feel comfortable with releasing the first beta edition.

(1-25-2021) Megamenu - Finally quit putting it off and built the megamenu.  I'm using it for external links here but, it can be used for all types of content as well as links.  It is a single menu item that, if turned on, is displayed in the menu bar and has 4 columns inside but the user can decide how many of those 4 they want to use.

(1-27-2021) elFinder -  About two weeks ago I switched from CKFinder to elFinder to use as the media library.  CKFinder required a registration code to use it and elFinder does not.  I like using elFinder and I think it is better than CKFinder in a lot of ways.

(1-30-2021) Pages Auto Menu - Added the ability to choose which menu you want to add the page to when it's created.  You don't have to go to the menu system to add it - it can be done in the page builder.

(2-16-2021) Languages - Still working on the language files.

(2-17-2021) Menu System - I noticed today that the top-level menu isn't showing properly on this site when viewed using a mobile phone.  This is the only site out of 4 others that is having this problem.  The menu is hiding behind the page's content.  I may add a sidebar menu as an option if I can't find the cause of this.

(2-28-2021) Megamenu System - I decided to replace the top-level menu with a full mega menu. This will solve the problems I was having with the previous menu system.

(3-6-2021) Downloads Module - Finally got the downloads module working right.  I really hadn't spent much time working on it but today I sat down and finished the things I had been wanting it to do.  Users will be able to add new downloads in the dashboard and they will automatically show on the downloads page.  There is a log where the downloads are recorded.

(3-29-2021) Alpha Testing - The alpha testing of Spectra CMS has ended. In a couple of months, I plan to open a Closed Beta. Go HERE to learn more.

(4-27-2021) Busy - I have been busy correcting the problems found during the alpha test but I feel confident that I have corrected them all.  The closed beta will start on 1 May 2021.  If you are interested go here to sign up.  The emphasis will be on security.

(4-27-2021) Private Messaging and Adding Articles - I have decided to add Private Messaging and the ability for members to submit articles in the user account home pages. More to come on this.

(5-12-2021) Member Submitted Articles - I am actively working on the issue of allowing members to submit articles from the member's account panel.  I am almost finished then I will test it.  Once it's ready I will install it here on Coders Junction.

(5-18-2021) Member Submitted Articles - I placed the article submission feature in the member's account panel and also added a method to contact the staff. These 2 features can be turned on/off by the site owner.

(5-20-2021) New Member Registration - I am working on a way where the site owner can choose if they want to allow new member registration. If they choose No to that feature it can be turned off.

(6-2-2021) BETA Updates - I am constantly making updates. The initial version number was BETA and now each time I make an update I am going to reflect that in the version number. Each update will change the version number by 1.  Today the version number is BETA. When I change from BETA to Release Candidate (RC) I will change the version to 1.0.0 RC dropping the fourth digit. Once it is out of RC status the version number will be 1.0.

(6-10-2021) Print Articles - I gave the admin the ability to choose if articles will be available for printing. If the admin chooses Yes for an article,  then a printer image will appear in the title of the article so people can click on it and print that article.

(6-13-2021) reCAPTCHA - I added a ReCaptcha to the contact form.  Admins will be able to decide if they want to use it or not. I added instructions in the dashboard on how to get the site key.

(6-14-2021) Downloads System - I moved the downloads system to the member's home page.  Membership is required to download files.

(6-21-2021) Users Block - Designed a Users Block with login/registration features and user recognition.

(6-25-2021) Users Avatar - Created the ability for users/members to add their Gravatar avatar to the profile page and users block. If they already have a Gravatar avatar then it will show automatically.

(7-1-2021) Partial Open Beta - was started today with Bri as the lead.

(7-14-2021) Language Files - I will be building Spectra's language base during the remainder of this month and into August.  Once the initial English language base is set other languages can be added without much difficulty.

(8-2-2021) Comments - I have added comments to the articles for registered members. But, I still have one error to work through. Admins decide which article can be commented on.

(8-13-2021) In General - This month I have been working to get the articles commenting system up and running. I have also better integrated the member submissions so that they will be displayed in the center with all of the other articles. Partial Open Beta is still ongoing and I lost my lead tester due to illness.

(8-16-2021) Comments System - I think I have gotten the comments system functioning properly. I have tested it and thus far haven't run into any problems.

(8-31-2021) Administrators Articles/Messages - Added the ability for the admin to create as many articles/messages as they want.  These show on the index page above all other articles and all paginated pages. They do not show on pages that the admin creates individually. The admin can decide to allow for printing of the article.  I also added a quick edit link to the article/message that is only available to the admin(s).

(9-5-2021) Sidebars - Added the ability for admins to create sidebar content that is different from standard sidebar content.  It will be displayed above standard content.

(9-6-2021) Sidebars - Added the ability to add a font awesome icon or graphic icon to the title bar.

(9-9-2021) Page Layout - Admins who set their sites for a 2 column layout can choose if they want the sidebar on the left or right. Before the only option was on the right.

(9-9-2021) Editing Articles - The article editing option now gives the admin the ability to edit an article from the homepage.

(9-17-2021) Styles - I have introduced styles into Spectra.  This will provide the admin with different layouts.  I created Newspaper, Magazine, and Media styles which each have different layouts. I am using Magazine here on the index page.

(9-20-2021) Content Slider - I added the ability to choose where to position the slider on the index page.  Top, or Bottom, and with the styles, there is also a Middle position.

(9-23-2021) Styles - I added a new style to the build. Gallery is for those users who want to display their overall website as a gallery.  They will still have to option to create pages and all of the other things that come packaged with Spectra. Once a visitor arrives at the site they will be in the gallery directly.

(10-15-2021) - I spent the last week getting Spectra Gallery ready for release.  It is part of Spectra CMS and it runs really well on its own. Although most people use a social media platform for their websites these days there are still people who prefer building their own.


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