5 ways no‑design tools encourage collaboration

These days, almost every company is a design company, but the need for qualified designers far exceeds the supply. To fill this gap, companies of all sizes are embracing no-design tools that let non-designers participate in the design process.

With no-design tools, collaboration between non-designers and designers becomes exponentially more productive and powerful. In fact, many would argue that the no-design movement — twin to the no-code movement — is essential for shaping the future of work.

Think about it: Would you rather receive an interactive mockup or a cryptic PowerPoint deck on what your client or colleague wants you to design? How much quicker can you get to the final version if you have a visual representation of what you’re aiming for from the get-go? How much back and forth can you avoid if you know how they picture their idea before you even start?

Designers are essentially trained problem-solvers, and we can all agree that increasing our problem-solving capacity as humans is a win-win for everyone. Here are five great reasons why.

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1. Empower visual thinking

Visual thinking helps to simplify the complex and move concepts from the abstract to the concrete. But when it comes to communicating big ideas, many non-designers lack the confidence to express themselves visually. No-design tools like Canva and Uizard have user-friendly “what you see is what you get”-style interfaces that flatten the steep learning curve of traditional design software.

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