Staying Updated With Web Development in 2022 – How Has It Changed?

Web development has come a long way from August 6, 1991, when the first website was created. It is a constantly evolving field where new problems, solutions, and concepts arise every other day. If you are in this field, you need to stay updated on the latest developments, innovations, and changes. Here’s how far web development has come in 2022.

Companies Want to Stay Ahead

Trends in any industry are always initiated by the stakeholders, and the stakeholders of web development with the most impact are the companies that commission websites and web-based apps. According to a recent Statista survey, 50% of the surveyed companies want to stand out from the competition by investing in digital trends and creating modern web-based applications.

Companies invest a huge amount of money in updating their websites and apps to gain a leading position in their industry and create value for their clients.

In response to these demands, the latest developments in Web development in 2022 have been the following.

Serverless Environment

The latest web development trend in 2022 is the use of serverless environments. As the name suggests, this strategy enables the developers to develop and deploy applications without using physical servers. This takes away a large portion of the cost and effort that is needed to maintain server infrastructure. It also eliminates the need for maintaining operating systems, and the developers can focus better on web development itself.
There still are servers in the serverless model, but they are taken care of by dedicated server maintenance companies

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