Why use Watchful?

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Watchful is a remote website manager and maintenance tool. Watchful features intelligent automation and flexible bulk tools to dramatically reduce the time required to back up, update, and secure all of the sites you manage.

Website organizer for any host

With just a glance you'll get the 1000-foot view so you can prioritize website maintenance.

Massive time saver

Your monthly maintenance time will drop from days to hours with our suite of website tools.

Backup scheduler & monitor

Watchful makes it easy to schedule your website backups and make sure they never get stale.

Update WS Form PRO across all your WordPress sites in 1 minute.

WS Form PRO is a powerful form plugin for WordPress. Through our latest premium plugin integration, users can easily apply these paid updates safely and securely across all their sites at once with Watchful.

Update SEOPress Pro across all your sites while protecting your license key

SEOPress is a popular marketing tool for WordPress with the free version installed on over 250,000 sites around the world. SEOPress Pro is the premium version. Watchful can now be used to remotely update all

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