HTML 5, Bootstrap, and CMS Spectra Integration


If you have a website that you designed and coded using HTML5, then you know what a hard job that was to get it the way you wanted. You don’t want to do anything that might change your creation. But you probably tire of having to go in and code all the changes. This is where CMS Spectra can help by letting you use your HTML5 theme as your homepage and then you can use the powerful editors to manage your content. You can also have an active membership platform and all the many features that come with this powerful Content Management System.

I literally spent years designing websites the old way. Then I created CMS Spectra and my life got a lot better. So anytime I design something new, I always think that the best way to go about it is to use the simplest methods to get the best results. By that I mean, using Open Source products that are good quality like CKEditor and elFinder makes the job easier. Of course, there is a lot of searching on Google to figure out how to get them to work together. But, when you get things to work together, you then wonder what else I can make easier.

That’s when I started exploring how I could merge HTML5, PHP8, JavaScript, and CSS together and make the end product user-friendly. So, now CMS Spectra is that end-product. And, if you enjoy building HTML5 websites and you want to make your design lifestyle easier, then this might just be the product you need. Visit the demo site to learn more.