What are the dangers of AI?

Many experts worry that the rapid development of artificial intelligence may have unforeseen disastrous consequences for humanity. 

Machine learning technology is designed to assist humans in their everyday life and provide the world with open access to information. 

However, the unregulated nature of AI in its current state could lead to harmful consequences for its users and the world as a whole. Read below to find out the risks of AI.

The emergence of artificial intelligence has led to feelings of uncertainty, fear, and hatred toward a technology that most people do not fully understand. AI can automate tasks that previously only humans could complete, such as writing an essay, organizing an event, and learning another language. However, experts worry that the era of unregulated AI systems may create misinformation, cyber-security threats, job loss, and political bias. 

For instance, AI systems can articulate complex ideas coherently and quickly due to large data sets and information. However, the information used by AI to generate responses tends to be incorrect because of the inability of AI to distinguish valid data. The open-access usage of these AI systems may further promote this misinformation in academic papers, articles, and essays.

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