Happier HTML5 form validation in Vue

November 09, 2020 (Dave Rupert)

Some time ago, I wrote about the need for simple HTML5 form validation in ~6 lines of JavaScript. Well, I’m back, this time in a Vue 2/Nuxt application. I finally hit the point on this project where I needed some form of validation. Rather than jumping headlong into a whole form builder library dependency, I thought I’d try my simple method again. Here’s a demo of it in action.

There are a few differences compared to the vanilla DOM implementation. The non-framework version relied on querySelectorAll and addEventListener to loop through inputs, which I guess you could do inside a Vue component, but feels a bit like an anti-pattern, so I had to modify the approach a smidge.

The first step is I’m applying a .errors styling class to the parent <form> when one of the inputs invalidates. This is triggered by the component-level this.errors state. Originally the class was put on the, but we can safely put it on the form instead of each individual input’s state.

The second bit is the @invalid bind directive on each required input. This replaces looping through each input and adding a addEventListener but has the same effect of attaching a method to the invalid event. The invalidateForm() method helps us visually invalidate the form and just like before HTML does all the submit event cancellation for us.


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