Understanding How React Works

Understanding How React Works: A Beginner's Guide


Are you thinking about learning React to build your next web application, but do not understand how it works?

After reading this brief post, you will have a basic understanding of the React flow to get you headed in the right direction. Your React journey starts here.

What is React?

React is a front-end JavaScript library that helps developers quickly build dynamic user interfaces. In an MVC application (Model View Controller), React is the view layer, which is what the user can see and interact with. The view layer can update without reloading the webpage when changes are made.
It has a component architecture that allows reusable code which can be rendered anywhere.

What is the format?

Using declarative programming, React makes code easy to read and debug. Declarative programming expresses the logic without displaying all the instructions happening in the background.

Let me break that down...

A declarative view is like a customer ordering a cake from a bakery. The customer explains how they expect the cake to look and the baker makes it without specific instructions from the customer. This is declarative programming in a nutshell.

What are components?

Components are parts that represent pieces of the user interface. Going back to the previous example regarding declarative programming, the components were Nav, Home, and Footer.

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