Choosing colors for mobile app design (5 key principles)

by Renee Fleck in Process
May 20, 2021

Every year brings new mobile app design color trends which is why we often see standardized color schemes among apps emerging simultaneously. However, best practices for choosing colors in app design dictate certain unbreakable, long-lasting rules. The simplicity of using two of three colors, for example, is one design principle that has proven its worth over time. Red and green have been used for so long that they are ingrained in our psyche to signal permit and ban correspondingly. Blue calms while red puts us in alert mode. It’s vital to pay attention to the colors you will choose for app design because they can affect people’s moods, behavior, and stress levels and therefore foster or distort your brand message. Next to app functionalities, the color scheme is factor number two for effective UX and how well your mobile app performs. In this article, we’ll be sharing tips to help you choose the right colors for your mobile app design along with some visual inspiration to guide you.

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