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UAE Entry Level Coders

(By: Mike .. Date:2021-09-07 13:36:15)

UAE's entry level coders' salaries will not remain at Dh15,000/m levels for long

Being a coder is turning out to be a sound career option in the UAE

Dubai: Entry level salaries for coders are set to shoot past Dh15,000 a month levels as UAE organizations compete to pick out the best talent and track-record available in the market. If retail-focused businesses were the most active last year, it’s the banking and healthcare sectors that have their eyes on coders now.

Each new app or digital service launched by a bank in the UAE is feeding demand for computer programmers, with senior UAE Government sources saying that 100 coder jobs will be created a day. If in the past, organizations were outsourcing most of their tech development, many are now bringing these skills in-house to ensure a tighter grip on cyber security.

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