As the Build Continues

Spectra is a new Content Management System (CMS) that is a work in progress. It is not a fork but a brand new platform that you can use to create a very customizable blog or any other style website.   It is fully HTML5, PHP7.4, and CSS3 compliant with W3C worldwide standards and is also UTF8  (8-bit Unicode Transformation Format) compliant.

Its main purpose will be to allow you to build a website from scratch and add the content you think fits your overall purpose. Spectra is highly configurable and will come packaged with the following:

- Change the overall look and feel of the site in the Spectra dashboard's powerful theme editor/builder.

- Activate, style, and add images and text to the content slider.

- Populate the menu automatically or create links as you need them using the menu builder.

- Choose the site's overall width.

- Choose how many columns (1, 2, or 3) you want to show on a page and which ones. You can choose to turn on/off any content you have created.

- Either choose from pre-styled themes or create your own using the flexible theme creator utility.

- Allow members to choose their own theme or set a default theme for your site.

- Create new pages on-the-fly as needed.

- Design the content for the center articles space.  Add as many articles as you want and also choose how many you want to display on the index page.

- Let your visitors browse through all of your past articles using the powerful Pagination feature.

- Add categories to pages.

- Let visitors have ready access to categories using the links in the Categories sidebar block.

- Add to the left/right sidebar content blocks as needed.

- Choose whether you want the slider and left/right sidebar to show in pages.

- Create sidebar content on pages that is separate from the content on the index page sidebars.

- It comes packaged with highly customizable image galleries.

- Will allow users to create and add their own plugins.

- Spectra comes with a feature-rich dashboard.